Stephanotis is a famous wedding flower. Its white color, special shape, and pleasant is widely used in wedding and corsage work.
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Stephanotis, is a genus of flowering plants. The best known species is Stephanotis floribunda (Madagascar Jasmine), which is cultivated as a tropical or hothouse ornamental, and whose flowers are a popular element in wedding bouquets.
The Stephanotis has grown in popularity over the past few years along with some of the other spring flowering vines. It is known by a few different names such as the “Madagascar Jasmine” and the “Bridal Veil”.
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Stephanotis is a very attractive and highly sought after supplemental flower which is widely used in wedding decor. These beautiful little white blossoms are often used to adorn cakes, accent bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers, and even incorporated by hairstylists into bridal updos!
Stephanotis is a constant in the wedding flower industry and is a flower of many names including 'Madagascar Jasmine' and the 'Bridal Veil'.  Perla farms stephanotis for your wedding 
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