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Perla farms delivers orchids and all types of fresh cut flowers nationwide for weddings, events and all occasions.
Dendrobiums,oncydiums,cymbidiums, cattleya,all types of orchids and exotic flowers available.green orchid flowers,blue orchid wedding flowers white orchid ,yellow orchid,pik orchid,hot pink orchid, wedding leis,Sonia bom dendobium orchid , Boom dye gold dendobium orchid,Bom dye blue dendobium orchid, Candy stripe dendobium orchid, Candy stripe dark dendobium orchid, Hybrid white dendobium orchid,Jade gold dendobium orchid, Fatima dendobium orchid, Madame pompadour dendobium orchid,
Juree peach dendobium orchid, Ericka dendobium orchid, Dang sa ard dendobium orchid, red bull dendobium orchid, Ruby of siam dendobium orchid, Sabin dendobium orchid, Sakura dendobium orchid,Miss Thailand dendobium orchid, Queen pink dendobium orchid

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email: perlafarms@aol.com 

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